*Please note that setting the new credit card as the default will not update the credit card associated with your payment plan. You must follow these step by step instructions we have provided you below! :)

 To change the credit card used on your payment plan:

1. Log in to your Tixr account at www.tixr.com

2. Go to your user menu with your initials displayed in the upper right hand corner and click Payment Method

3. Click New payment method and enter in your cards credentials

4. Click Continue and your new payment will be saved to your profile.

5. Go to My Events

6. Hover over the event flyer, and click on Payment plan details

7. Select the new card you saved from the dropdown menu and click Update payment info

8. Your payment will process manually upon clicking update payment info. For any questions or concerns do not hestiate to reach out to our support team at support.tixr.com.